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Valve sealing principle

Sealing is to prevent leakage, so the principle of valve tightness is also studied from leakage prevention.
There are many types of valves, but the basic function is the same, which is to connect or cut off the medium flow. Therefore, the sealing problem of the valve] becomes a prominent problem.
To ensure that the valve can well cut off the medium flow and no leakage occurs, it is necessary to ensure that the valve seal is intact. There are many reasons for the leakage of the valve, including irrational structural design, defective seal contact surfaces, loosened fastening parts, improper cooperation between the valve body and the valve cover, etc. All these problems may cause the valve to seal Not good, causing leaks. Therefore, the valve sealing technology is an important technology related to the performance and quality of the valve, and requires in-depth system research.
From its creation to the present, its sealing technology has also undergone great development. So far, the valve sealing technology is mainly reflected in two aspects, namely, static sealing and dynamic sealing.
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