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Nozzle accessories

Nozzle accessories include pipe threaded fittings, solenoid valves and liquid filters and pressure gauge fittings.
The main manufacturing material of pipe thread joints is stainless steel, and the thread connection method can be divided into internal thread connection and external thread connection. This type of joint is mostly used to connect pipes in construction, water conservancy projects, and bridge construction.
The solenoid valve is also a nozzle fitting with an internally threaded connection. The valve body of the solenoid valve is usually made of stainless steel and brass. It has a special piston structure, high wear resistance, and no noise during work. The material of the seal is butyl rubber or fluorinated rubber. The action modes of the valve can be divided into direct-acting, step-wise direct-acting, and pilot-operated. Its connection methods are two-way and two-way three-way. It is mainly used in industries such as air compressors, bottle blowers, fire safety, stage equipment, food equipment, and cleaning equipment.
The liquid filter has a detachable guide cup, which has various sizes of mesh openings. Its characteristic is that when cleaning is needed, it is only necessary to take out the removable filter cartridge, remove the impurities, and then reinstall it, so it is convenient to use and maintain. The liquid filter is suitable for vapor, air, water, oil and other system pipelines, and can protect various measuring instruments, pumps, valves and various nozzle equipment.
The joints and parts in contact with liquid of the pressure gauge are made of brass. They are mainly used to measure the pressure of gases or liquids that are non-corrosive, non-explosive to copper and copper alloys, and not easily crystallized and precipitated. This instrument requires vertical installation and stable load.

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