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F.D.P interior & planning has been established for 10 years. We provide one-stop design and renovation designed for commercial and residential clients. Valued clients are very satisfied with and appreciated our design and renovation. Their invaluable encouragement will enable us to continue to serve our clients with honest, professional, patient attitude, provide practical, elegant and innovative ideas for our interior design and renovation projects. 


Our Services Include :

- Consultancy service

- Interior design service

- Budget estimation

- Project management

- Construction work

- Refurbishment

- Maintenance service


Our objective is to provide prompt design services with close attention to design standards, quality, cost control and project schedule to our clients, no matter it small or large scale project. 



We believe the interiors we create should be authentic reflections of the client and their highest self. " A room should be whatever you imagine it to be : a retreat, a place to recharge, a place to entertain, create or inspire. How we use a space and what we perceive it to be, is as varied and complex as the person dwelling there. For me, the most exciting aspect of design is drawing on all the elements that the client deems important, and then translating them into a visual and tactile experience that delights and inspires. We consistently look for the harmony points in a clients's lifestyle that are unique and un-expected, that are individual to them, and then build a room that celebrates how they live.



" The end result is an environment that the client can connect with and evolves and grows as they do. We believe " interiors should feel acquired and cultivated over the lifetime of the individual" and continues to create interiors that are a perfect pairing for the modern lifestyle; blending clean lines, classic furnishings, textures, and patterns that are a harmonious intersection of the past and present. 

"By being creatively courageous...we inspire others to do the same"   - Gary Friedman


How We Work


  1. On site measurement and observation with client.

  2. Discuss with client ensuring understanding clients' needs and objectives.

  3. Floor plan drawing and quotation for client.

  4. Providing free consultation service with our professional designers.

  5. 3D drawing with design concept.

  6. Construction.

Our works

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852-2541 5948

852-5548 5398

Central Tenement Flat (Corridor)
Central Tenement Flat (Living Area)
Central Tenement Flat (Dinning Area)
Lohas Park (Living Area)
Lohas Park (Dinning Area)
Lohas Park (Corridor)
The Beaumount
The Beaumount (Living Area)
The Beaumount (Living Area)
The Beaumount (Dinning Area
The Beaumount (Living Area-View2
The Beaumount (Bedroom)
La Splendeur (Living Area)
La Splendeur (Dinning Area)
Listed Company Shenzhen (Reception)
Listed Company Shenzhen (Show room)
Listed Company Shenzhen (Show room)
沙田廣寧大廈 (入口位)
沙田廣寧大廈 (客廳)
沙田廣寧大廈 (客廳)
沙田廣寧大廈 (睡房)
沙田廣寧大廈 (廚房)
Office Design (Kwun Tong)
Office Design (Kwun Tong)
Lake Sliver (Entrance)
Lake Sliver (Living Room)
Lake Sliver (Dining Area)
沙田廣寧大廈 (洗手間)
Fairview Park (Living Area)
Fairview Park (Living Area)
Fairview Park (Dinning Area)
Fairview Park (Kitchen)
Fairview Park (Second Floor))
Fairview Park (Kid's Room)
Fairview Park (Master Bedroom)
Fairview Park (Study Room)
Grand Palisades-Living Area
Grand Palisades-Dinning Area
Grand Palisades-Living Area
Grand Palisades-Living Area
Grand Palisades-Living Area
Grand Palisades-Dinning Area
Grand Palisades-Kitchen
Grand Palisades-Guest Room
Grand Palisades-Corridor
Liberte - Living Area
Liberte - Living Area-2
Liberte - Entrance
Liberte - Master Bedroom
Liberte - Study Room
Liberte - Kitchen
Our works

FDP interior & planning

九龍觀塘道334-336號, KT336, 1103室

ADDRESS: Unit 1103, 11/F, KT336, 334-336 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon

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